The more work you do using the forms & worksheets on this website, the more reasonable your invoice will be.  Alternately, we can do the whole meal deal if you wish.

Basic tax return starts at $75.00

  • This includes up to 10 slips. (what type? T4’s, RRSPs, simple T5’s simple T3’s.)
  • The more complicated the return the more work it is for us, and the price is reflected accordingly.

Self Employment starts at $180.00


Additional fees - common schedules & prices:

  • Employment expenses Schedule $35.00, includes checking the T2200 will pass an audit.
  • Auto expenses $15.00 for employment expenses
  • Rental schedule $45.00 per two owners, $25.00 for one owner
  • Dependent information and deductions $5.00 per dependant.
  • Moving schedule $30.00 (We make sure that you get more than $30.00 refund before we charge you).

We also provide a service to accommodate clients who just want to have us add up the receipts and invoices. Please call and ask for our rates.

GST (5%) is applicable to all services. Cash, Debit, Visa and online payments accepted